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9th Annual New Bothwell Cheese & Wine Festival

A sampling event featuring traditional and innovative Bothwell Cheese varieties expertly paired with wines from around the world, hand-picked by Banville & Jones Wine Co. DATE: Saturday, June 3, 2017 TIME: 7:00pm – 10:00pm LOCATION: New Bothwell Community Centre TICKETS – $30 (available May 1, 2017)… View Post

Food Mom Would Approve Of

Spenst Brothers is a family-owned meat and specialty foods store in the heart of Winkler, Manitoba. Their goal is to create delicious and nutritious food “the way mom would have made it at home”. While their store is based in Winkler, Spenst Brothers also distributes their products to various retailers… View Post

The Perfect Recipe for Success

Perfect Pierogies isn’t just a clever name – this Garson, Manitoba company guarantees that you will get the most perfect pierogy no matter how you cook it. It’s a recipe for success that’s worked for this company for a decade. “It’s called Perfect Pierogies for a reason. You’re… View Post

Bothwell Cheese First Canadian Cheese Manufacturer to Receive Non-GMO Project Status

Manitoba-based company celebrates 80th anniversary, purchases creamery and announces plans to offer Non-GMO Project Verified line of Cheeses. New Bothwell, MB – November 29, 2016 – Bothwell Cheese, an independently owned Canadian manufacturer of premium cheeses, today announced that it is the first Canadian cheese manufacturer in a position to… View Post

Cheese Shop Holiday Sampling Series

Bothwell Cheese is excited to welcome many of our valued suppliers to our first Cheese Shop Holiday Sampling Series. These local Manitoban companies hold many of the same values as Bothwell Cheese, such as using local, naturally sourced ingredients in their products. They will be sampling some of their… View Post

A Wild Partnership

Bothwell Cheese has teamed up with Untamed Feast to craft a truly decadent seasonal cheese exclusive to Canada Safeway and Sobeys. Our Extra Old Cheddar has been expertly blended with alder smoked wild Canadian Chanterelle mushrooms, hand-harvested by Untamed Feast in British Columbia. View Post

Big Wins for Bothwell Cheese

NEW RELEASE For Immediate Release Bothwell’s Monterey Jack and Mild Cheddar Win 1st Place Belleville, Ontario (November 3, 2016) – Manitoba’s Bothwell Cheese took top spots with their Monterey Jack and Mild Cheddar cheese last week at the 89th Annual British Empire Cheese Show. The company… View Post

Farmboy Holiday Demo Dates

Bothwell Cheese will be featured at Farmboy locations across southern Ontario from November 12th until December 11th. Check the listings below for a demo near you! Brantford Region: Friday, November 25, 12pm-5pm. 240 King George Rd., Brantford. Cornwall Region: Saturday, December 03, 11am – 4pm. 814 Sydney Street, Cornwall. Kingston Region:… View Post

Mill Street Cheese Market – A Shop to Remember

We all have our own personal relationship with food. Some of us eat to live, others live to eat. Whichever side you fall on, there’s no denying the power of food to tell a story. It can take you back in time to your childhood, or on a journey to… View Post

Bothwell Celebrates 80 Years with a #BothwellBreak

FREE FOOD RELEASE For Immediate Deliciousness Bothwell Celebrates 80 Years with a #BothwellBreak Winnipeg, Manitoba (October 17, 2016) – Manitoba’s own Bothwell Cheese is old, but when it comes to cheese, older is better anyways. The cheese company, founded in 1936, is celebrating its 80th anniversary the only… View Post

Your Very Local Burrito Shop – Burrito Splendido

After a stop at a Chipotle restaurant on a trip to the United States, a light bulb went off for Ken Livingstone. There was something to this quick service Mexican craze that he thought would work in his home town. As the former General Manager of WOW Hospitality, Livingstone had… View Post

Veggies Made Easy With Summer Salads!

Whether you’re tending to a garden, signed up for a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture), or buying seasonal produce, there’s a really good chance you’re eating plenty of salads. Like A LOT of salads. I’m convinced that I’m turning green with all of the yummy kale and crunchy… View Post

Camping Bothwell-Style

BBQs are sizzling, mosquitos are biting, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. Yes, summer is in full swing! For many of us this means loading up the car or trailer and heading to our favourite camping spot. Camping is a lot of fun but takes… View Post

Tandoori Burger Recipe – Spice it up!

Here’s a spicy twist on a traditional burger recipe. Being East Indian, I always have a tendency to add cultural spices often found in my Eastern cuisine to my Western dishes. The result? A delicious burger with hints of cumin, coriander and ginger. Now, first things first when it… View Post

From Customers to Owners: Taking on the Legacy of Frank’s Pizza

Both Jason and Kelly Boyd grew up ordering Frank’s Pizza in Selkirk but little did they know they would eventually buy the restaurant and make it a chain. “We grew up not even knowing each other and our families were both ordering Frank’s Pizza,” says Jason Boyd, owner of Frank’s… View Post

Hot off the Grill

It’s no surprise that if you live just about anywhere in Canada, you look forward to barbeque season. In fact, summer season may as well be called “lets-barbeque-every-meal-every-day” season. But there are a few things you need to know in order to barbeque safely and of course, with your health… View Post

A Business Built on Family Values

When you enter De Luca’s, it feels like you’re visiting your favourite aunt’s house. Yes, the smells and sights are inviting but it’s the friendly faces and smiles that make you feel like you’re part of something really unique and familiar. Vince De Luca, who is the General Manager at… View Post

Perfect Pierogies–Ten Ways

Our friends at Perfect Pierogies compiled a yummy list of ten genius ways to top your pierogies. The flavour combinations are bold but balanced! Sauerkraut Pierogy Covered with apple sauce With fried mushroom, onion and turkey sausage Cottage Cheese Pierogy With sour cream and hot sauce Wrapped in bacon… View Post

You’ve Been Eating Your Cheese Wrong (PART THREE)

Last time on “You’ve Been Eating Your Cheese Wrong (Part Two)”, we explored the importance of aroma and flavour in your cheese eating experience, which I learned in a tasting session from David Beaudoin, “The Squeaky Cheese Guy”. Today we will help increase your descriptive cheese word game. I will… View Post

You’ve Been Eating Your Cheese Wrong (PART TWO)

Last time on “You’ve Been Eating Your Cheese Wrong (Part One)” we explored the importance of sight and touch in your cheese eating experience–which I learnt in a tasting session from David Beaudoin, “The Squeaky Cheese Guy”. Today we will look at how aroma and flavour come into play. View Post

A Sense of Place On The Plate

Photo Credit: Only a few hours from the hustle and bustle of Toronto you’ll find the Niagara Region–home to over 80 wineries  and numerous notable restaurants showcasing the unique flavour of the land. It would certainly take you several trips to visit them all, but there’s one you’ll definitely want to put at the top… View Post

You’ve Been Eating Your Cheese Wrong (PART ONE)

My world has been turned upside down. How is it that you can walk through life eating cheese wrong? I’m most likely not alone. You’re probably guilty too. I was made aware of my transgressions as a cheese eater while attending a tasting hosted by David Beaudoin, “The Squeaky… View Post

Announcement Regarding Recall of Certain Shredded Cheese Products

As you may have heard, Bothwell Cheese together with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have issued a recall notice for certain Bothwell shredded cheese products. The specific products and associated product codes can be found in the news release that was posted just a few minutes ago. View Post

News Release: Bothwell Cheese Recalls Shredded Cheese Products

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release BOTHWELL CHEESE RECALLS SHREDDED CHEESE PRODUCTS NEW BOTHWELL, MB (December 20, 2015) – Bothwell Cheese (Bothwell), in coordination with CFIA, are recalling certain Bothwell shredded cheese product due to the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes. Affected products are marked with “Packed On”… View Post

Cheese Boards – A Balancing Act

Balance. It’s a word I use a lot, I mean the word is even in my business name (Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting). Somehow, this very balance gets completely thrown to the wayside around this time of the year. Today I’m eager to teach you how to… View Post

The Art of Flavour

The art of building a cheese board isn’t complicated. With a little planning you can put together well balanced flavours that will leave your friends and family in awe. The first step is deciding if you want to prepare a sweet or savoury board. Sweet boards are a great alternative… View Post

Make This Now: Parmesan Popcorn

Growing up my dad would make fresh popcorn on the stove at least 3 times a week. It became a ritual and he was a pro. His tools included a simple deep pot and lid. No fancy air popper or kettle with a crank handle. He had his technique and… View Post

The Holiday Eating Survival Guide

December: it’s here.. For many of us (myself included) this time of the year can pose as quite the challenge with grocery stores bursting with sparkly cookies, sugar dense pies, and the bounty of filling appetizers awaiting you at every holiday party. And that’s just the food. We also see… View Post

An Evening at the Market

The St. Lawrence Market is a staple of downtown Toronto life, a destination for those in search of unique ingredients for a special meal. On November 12 for the first time in years they brought back a culinary experience called “Evening at the Market”. For $75 attendees sampled a wide… View Post

2015 Gift Giving Ideas

As usual the holidays have crept up on us and I’m sure your gift giving list is looming in the back of your mind. If you are like me, then hunting down the perfect gift for each person on that list is a daunting task. Because the holidays can be stressful enough, we’ve curated an… View Post

Ukrainian Lasagna

You don’t have to be Ukrainian to love this Lasanga recipe from our friends at Perfect Pierogies. This delicious take on an Italian favourite will certainly have your family and friends begging for more! A perfect recipe, crafted with Perfect Pierogies – perfect for potluck season! INGREDIENTS: 2 lb Ground beef 1/2… View Post

The Shop that Cheese Built

Good food and good company is exactly what you’ll find when you walk into a small gourmet food shop called Dags & Willow. Tucked away in the beautiful town of Collingwood, Ontario it’s a place you must visit on the way to a summer cottage in Georgian Bay, or… View Post

For the Love of Poutine

What makes poutine so special? Why do we love it so? Bothwell Cheese sheds some light on this Canadian culinary classic at the 2015 Poutine Cup in Winnipeg, MB. The Poutine Cup, presented by Charcoal Collaborative and Fort Gibralter, is an annual culinary event… View Post

Bothwell’s Marble Cheddar wins 1st place

Manitoba’s Bothwell Cheese has once again claimed top spot in the Marbled Cheddar category at the 88th Annual British Empire Cheese Show in Belleville, Ontario on November 12, 2015  – winning first place for the ninth time in the past ten years. The company also took first place with its Monterey Jack… View Post

Why Changing with the Times Works

You can’t hear the name Pizza Hotline without humming the “222-2222” jingle. Pizza Hotline has been a fixture in the Winnipeg pizza scene for decades and, as with all successful companies, evolving their business model over the years has proven to be a winning recipe. At 21 years of age,… View Post

Roasted Cauliflower Risotto and Smoked Parm

Thanks to our fan Lucia Cascioli for sharing her delicious recipe featuring our Smoked Parmesan and Ontario grown Cauliflower! Cauliflower Ingredients: 1 cauliflower head, broken into small flowerets Olive oil, drizzle Salt & Pepper Rice Ingredients: 5 cups of chicken stock 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp of… View Post

Wheeler in the Morning Show

Winnipeg’s Wheeler in the Morning crew (Mark & Erica) recently visited the Bothwell Cheese factory to learn about the art of cheese making. Check out their cheesy antics in the videos below. View Post

Make This Now: Smoked Parmesan Crisps

As a teenager my go to summer snack was cheddar cheese melted in the microwave on a plate. accompanied by a crunchy pickle dipped in mustard. I loved how the cheese would get crispy around the edges, while the middle remained chewy. I’m  happy to report that over time my cheese melting… View Post

There’s a Story Behind That…

Huddled around the cheese platter at a recent family gathering, for the first time on record – someone commented on the cheese board itself and not the delicious cheese, “Where did you get this amazing board?” To which I replied “There’s a story behind that…” Josh (left) of… View Post

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Spot the Symbol to Win

Collect badges by completing fun missions connected to Canadian dairy products. Register now & unlock your first badge worth 5 entries. Contest runs from October 5 – November 13, 2015. Good Luck! GET STARTED *No purchase necessary. Open from 10:00 AM (ET) on Oct. 5,… View Post

Ask An Expert – Where’s the Squeak?

Q-  While visiting Quebec several years ago I got “hooked” on the squeaky cheese that was delivered fresh every morning at the local gasbar . My question to you is how come whenever I purchase squeaky cheese here in Manitoba it does not squeak? – Wilma In Quebec the law… View Post

Crafting our Award-Winning Cheddar Cheese

We certainly cannot reveal our secret traditional recipe, but we can give you a general overview of how we produce our coloured cheddar. It begins with 100% pure Canadian milk that is pasteurized then mixed with a solution called “starter”, which contains strains of bacteria to inoculate the milk. Microbial… View Post

Back to School Snacks made Cheesy

Alas, autumn is here! If you’ve got little ones then you’re likely way past “back-to-school” mode and already on auto-pilot. While the excitement of getting back into a routine can be comforting, some of us struggle with sending good-for-you foods to school for our kids to eat (and enjoy!). To complicate… View Post

Pairings from Banville & Jones Wine Co.

Every June the New Bothwell Chamber of Commerce and Recreation Association partner with Bothwell Cheese and Banville & Jones Wine Co. to present the New Bothwell Cheese & Wine Festival. This sampling event features traditional and innovative Bothwell Cheese varieties expertly paired with wines from… View Post

Ask An Expert – Best Melt for Grilled Cheese

Q – We cook a lot with cheese in this household and grilled cheese sandwiches are a hit with our picky eaters. So I’m wondering which type of cheese has the best melt? What would make our grilled cheese sandwiches the creamiest? – Mom of Three For a creamy grilled… View Post

Beans, Greens and a Squirrel

On a crisp spring-ish morning in March I stare down and question how my notebook got so dirty. Smeared with sticky house-made jam and stained with a ring of fresh ground coffee – the hazards of a breakfast meeting I suppose. We are at FortWhyte Alive, in the… View Post

Pizza with Integrity

One late summer evening during a drive to Hecla Island for a weekend get-away, I discovered something truly amazing on a Manitoba farm approximately 90 minutes north of Winnipeg. That something was wood-fired pizza from Integrity Foods. From the 3rd weekend in June to the 3rd weekend in… View Post

Cheese – Friend not Foe

Hello again! For those of you who missed my inaugural introduction to the Bothwell Cheese “Our Whey of Life” blog, you can catch up on my last story here. You’ll want to keep tabs on this new website for product knowledge, launches, and contests. C’mon,… View Post

Our History

Bothwell Cheese started as a co-operative that was formed by hard work and determination of Frank Giesbrecht and Bernhard Dueck who galvanized support and labour from local volunteers to help build New Bothwell’s first cheese factory as a way to use up excess milk.  Little did they know that this small… View Post

Hello, From Nita

Hey ya’ll, Nita here! I’m a Registered Dietitian, a self-proclaimed foodie, and an absolute cheese lover. I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Bothwell Cheese family as a nutrition expert to share tips, recipes, and information related to cheese (okay, not just cheese… but mostly). Every person has… View Post

Welcome to Bothwell Country

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you, and thank you for taking time to visit our fresh new blog & website! I am excited to introduce you to our new online home, which was created to engage with our fans (you!) by sharing our thoughts and beliefs, and… View Post


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