Mini “Pumpkin” Pie Cheese Snacker

Now you can have pie before turkey dinner! Quick to assemble, these teeny tiny cheese pies also make great treats for school or daycare.


  • Bothwell Old Cheddar
  • Triangle crackers
  • Mini pretzel sticks
  • Plain (or flavoured) whipped cream cheese


  1. Slice cheese into triangles slightly smaller than the crackers. It helps to place a cracker on the block of cheese as a guide.
  2. Cut cheese to desired thickness.
  3. Spoon cream cheese into a plastic sandwich bag, cut a little piece off the corner and pipe the cream cheese onto the crackers. Place cheddar cheese triangles on top of the crackers.
  4. Pipe a thin line of cream cheese on top of the outside edge of cheese place pretzel on top to serve as the “crust.”
  5. Pipe a tiny swirl of cream cheese (the “whipped cream”) in the middle of the cheese triangles.
  6. Assemble triangles together to form little "pies."