This is where we talk about all things cheese and everything in-between – AKA the Bothwell way of life. Welcome to our cheesy world!

There’s a Story Behind That…

Huddled around the cheese platter at a recent family gathering, for the first time on record – someone commented on the cheese board itself and not the delicious cheese, “Where did you get this amazing board?” To which I replied “There’s a story behind that…” Josh (left) of… View Post

Dairy Farmers of Canada – Spot the Symbol to Win

Collect badges by completing fun missions connected to Canadian dairy products. Register now & unlock your first badge worth 5 entries. Contest runs from October 5 – November 13, 2015. Good Luck! GET STARTED *No purchase necessary. Open from 10:00 AM (ET) on Oct. 5,… View Post

Ask An Expert – Where’s the Squeak?

Q-  While visiting Quebec several years ago I got “hooked” on the squeaky cheese that was delivered fresh every morning at the local gasbar . My question to you is how come whenever I purchase squeaky cheese here in Manitoba it does not squeak? – Wilma In Quebec the law… View Post

Crafting our Award-Winning Cheddar Cheese

We certainly cannot reveal our secret traditional recipe, but we can give you a general overview of how we produce our coloured cheddar. It begins with 100% pure Canadian milk that is pasteurized then mixed with a solution called “starter”, which contains strains of bacteria to inoculate the milk. Microbial… View Post

Back to School Snacks made Cheesy

Alas, autumn is here! If you’ve got little ones then you’re likely way past “back-to-school” mode and already on auto-pilot. While the excitement of getting back into a routine can be comforting, some of us struggle with sending good-for-you foods to school for our kids to eat (and enjoy!). To complicate… View Post


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