Bothwell Cheese Offers More Cheese Choices

Posted by: Bothwell Cheese

Bothwell Cheese is proud to offer Canadian consumers three varieties of Non-GMO Project Verified Cheddars: a Medium and Old Cheddar, and our NEW 548 White Cheddar that has been aged for a minimum of 548 days (1.5 years). This line of cheese was created because of consumer demand, those prefer products made without GMOs.

The development of this line of cheese took nearly three years and a huge commitment from everyone involved. To make a Non-GMO Project Verified cheese, the milk must come from cows that are fed Non-GMO verified feed. Two local dairy farms, Nyhof Farms and Braunsdale Holsteins, started this journey alongside Bothwell Cheese by converting their farms to grow only non-GMO verified crops. The crops that are grown on these farms are tested during harvest and the feed that is purchased for the animals is tested upon delivery. In addition, Bothwell Cheese installed two new silos to segregate the milk we receive from these farms.

Braunsdale Holsteins is located near Blumenort, Manitoba, just six miles from the Bothwell Cheese plant. About three years ago they started growing non-GMO verified crops, and for the last two years their whole farm has been non-GMO verified. “It’s a natural fit for us to partner with Bothwell Cheese and provide the milk for their Non-GMO Project Verified cheese.” says Braun. “We’re proud of the quality of our milk and we’re proud that it’s going into a premium, quality cheese”.

Nyhof Farms is located near Île des Chênes MB, approximately 10 miles from the Bothwell Cheese plant. They are seventh-generation dairy farmers who immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1993. Together with their father Albert, sons John and Henry grow grass, corn, and alfalfa, all of which are non-GMO verified. The Nyhofs partnered with Bothwell Cheese because they believe consumers should have a choice in the food that they consume. They are equally enthusiastic about the fact that they are one of two farms who exclusively supply milk to make Bothwell’s Non-GMO Project Verified cheese. “It’s exciting for us to see this cheese being sold across Canada and to realize that this milk is coming from our farm,” says Henry Nyhof.