Camping Bothwell-Style

Posted by: Bothwell Cheese Team

BBQs are sizzling, the sun is shining, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. Yes, summer is in full swing! For many of us this means loading up the car or trailer and heading to our favourite camp site. Although camping is a lot of fun, it takes a considerable amount of planning and prep work. The key to successful adventures this summer is to stay fueled and organized, so you can soak up every moment of the great outdoors.

We’ve compiled a few recipes that are easy to prepare and perfect for camping. Your friends and family will be “happy campers” with these delicious meals on the menu.


This simple charcuterie board featuring Non-GMO Project Verified Sunny Dog Barkin’ Herbs & Garlic Cheddar is great for snacking throughout the day. Add your favourite deli meats, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, dips and crackers and you’ve got a tasty spread in no time! This charcuterie board is a crowd pleaser as it has a little something for everyone.


This delicious Grilled Flatbread made with Project Verified Non-GMO Sunny Dog Barkin’ Herbs & Garlic Cheddar only takes 20 minutes to bake and can be made on the grill or over a campfire! All the ingredients can be cut and prepped ahead of time for convenience. The cheese can also be grated and stored away until you’re ready to top the flatbread.


For a quick and easy meal, try making a grilled cheese sandwich in a pie iron over the fire. Pie irons make the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, and they only take 1-2 minutes per side to cook. Whether you prefer a classic, sweet, or spicy grilled cheese sandwich, we’ve got them all! All three sandwiches are perfectly paired with the slices from our 450g Sliced Variety Pack.

Happy camping!