Food With Flavour

Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad


Mexican Rice Casserole

casserole high-fiber casserole entertaining potluck-picnic rice game-day Block – Habanero With Cracked Black Pepper

Veggie-Filled Mac n’ Cheese

high-fiber vegetarian brunch casserole entertaining game-day kid-friendly make-ahead potluck-picnic pulses vegetables Block – Old Cheddar Block – Medium Cheddar

Smoked Extra Old Cheddar Brûlée

dessert christmasnew-yearsvalentines-day Block – Maple Smoked Extra Old Cheddar

Maple Smoked Extra Old Cheddar Ice Cream & Apple Ginger Tart

dessert savory sweet brunch entertaining thanksgiving Block – Maple Smoked Extra Old Cheddar

Black Truffle Mac n’ Cheese


Bothwell Squeak’rs Poutine


Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes

entertaining potluck-picnic vegetables 95christmaseasterthanksgiving Block – Old Cheddar Block – Mozzarella

Cheesy penne with Tomatoes & Olives

casserole pasta italian 95 Block – Monterey Jack

Jalapeño Monterey Jack Meatloaf

game-day beef 95thanksgiving Block – Jalapeño Monterey Jack

Turkey Burger Macaroni Casserole

casserole entertaining game-day potluck-picnic beef pasta 95thanksgiving Block – Light Cheddar

Quinoa Cheddar Tart

vegetarian entertaining make-ahead potluck-picnic eggs grains vegetables 95easterthanksgiving Block – Old Cheddar

Breakfast Casserole

vegetarian casserole kid-friendly make-ahead eggs 95christmaseaster Block – Old Cheddar

Toasted Pecan, Cheddar and Bacon Truffles

cheese-boards entertaining game-day make-ahead potluck-picnic 95christmasnew-yearsthanksgiving Block – Old Cheddar

Marinated Mozzarella

cheese-boards vegetarian entertaining make-ahead no-cooking potluck-picnic 95christmasnew-years Block – Mozzarella

Fall Cheese Ball

vegetarian entertaining kid-friendly make-ahead no-cooking 95halloweenthanksgiving Block – Medium Cheddar

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