Dairy Farmers of Canada Black Truffle Month

Posted by: Bothwell Cheese Team

How about a whole month dedicated to Black Truffle cheese? That’s exactly what happened when Dairy Farmers of Canada chose Bothwell Cheese for their October Cheese of the Month. Bloggers across Canada impressed us with recipes ranging from omelettes, risotto, sandwiches and dips, all using our Black Truffle Monterey Jack. We have gathered them altogether to inspire you to discover new ways to use one of our favorite varieties. We encourage you to buy a block of our Black Truffle cheese BEFORE scrolling this blog –  you’ll want to start cooking once you see, and read, these wonderful recipes.

Cheese & Mushroom Quiche – Peppers and Pennies: If this picture doesn’t draw you in, then her recipe definitely will! Amanda is one of our favorite local bloggers, and she knows how to bring it when it comes to all things cheese. She promises, “this Cheese and Mushroom Quiche isn’t any ‘ol quiche! You’ll be surprised at how gourmet your brunch can be”.

Mushroom and Onion Steamed Omelette – Friday Is Cake Night Angie also went the egg route, but this time in the form of an omelette. We love the idea of steaming the omelette – thanks for sharing this tip!

Cheesy Truffled Scrabled Eggs – Living Lou: Louisa kept it simple with her recipe and encourages us to take our scrambled eggs from “drab to fab!”.  She also says that because of the strong flavor, a little bit of this cheese can go a long way.

Truffled Hot Cheese Dip with Mushrooms – Crumb: Isabelle went all-in with her recipe, and she agrees that the same goes for our cheese. “Bothwell Cheese Black Truffle Monterey Jack brings the funk – by which I mean that the folks at Bothwell didn’t play it safe, and instead produced a cheese with a very distinctive and unmistakably earthy aroma that can only come from black truffles”.

Best-Ever Black Truffle Mac & Cheese – My Daily Randomness: This collection of recipes wouldn’t be complete without a mac ‘n cheese, and this one has bacon! Brittany matched the drama of our Black Truffle cheese with her opening line, “This my friends, is heaven in a bowl. Like, face plant, died, and went to heaven”.

Cheesy Broccoli-Cauliflower Risotto – The Cookie Writer: Kacey came up with a brilliant idea by incorporating veggies into her risotto. She was mesmerized by the taste of the cheese, as she describes, “the flavours here were so good, and so rewarding, that maybe my brain just went into a trance!”.

Truffled Twice Baked Potatoes – Chef Sous Chef: Phillip and Mystique dressed up a holiday classic with their recipe. It might be their brilliant food styling here, but aren’t these the best looking potatoes you’ve ever seen?

Whipped Mashed Potatoes – A Pretty Life in the Suburbs: Jo-Anna whipped up a great recipe for her post and leaves us scratching our heads and thinking, “why didn’t we think of that?”. That’s what food blogger are for!

Bruschetta with Black Truffle Cheese – Gastrofork: Dee brought a classic Italian appetizer to the table, and using our cheese “elevated this bruschetta to unparalleled heights”.  She says she might be exaggerating a little bit, but we’re still going to file that one under “complements”!

Open Faced Steak and Cheese Sandwich – Girl Heart Food: We saved one of the best for last! Dawn’s recipe stood out for creativity and originality, especially with the addition of her Arugula sauce! She suggests we eat this sandwich with a “knife and fork”, fancy style, to match the cheese ;).

All of Thank you to all of the food bloggers who contributed to Dairy Farmers of Canada October Cheese of the Month! Your enthusiasm for our cheese is truly appreciated.

***Photo credits go to all of the above mentioned bloggers***

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  • Thank you SO much for the mention and kind words! I really appreciate it! I absolutely love your cheese so making a delicious recipe using them is a pleasure 🙂

    • Bothwell_Team says:

      Thanks Dawn! We are glad you liked it. We look forward to seeing what else you will cook up with #CanadianCheese.