Donation Requests

Posted by: Bothwell Cheese Team

Bothwell Cheese is committed to supporting communities locally and across Canada.
As you might expect, we receive numerous donation and sponsorship inquiries. And although we’d like to fulfill each and every one, it is simply not possible to manage the volume of requests. Instead, we have formed close partnerships with a handful of Canadian charitable organizations that share our core values and give back to the community. For this reason, we no longer accept unsolicited donation and charitable requests.


Harvest Manitoba, a non-profit, community based organization that distributes food to nearly 400 food distribution agencies monthly, including food banks, soup kitchens, schools, daycares, and meal snack programs. Its goal is to collect and share surplus food with people who are hungry and to offer training opportunities to help people step up and out of poverty. Harvest Manitoba’s ultimate goal: eliminate the need for food banks in the community.


  • Dairy Farmers of Manitoba donate raw milk to Harvest Manitoba, to be designated for children in Manitoba.
  • As one of the charitable processors in this chain of giving, Bothwell Cheese turns the raw milk into cheese.
  • As of December 31, 2016, Bothwell Cheese has donated 225,146 lbs (102,124 kgs) of cheese to Harvest Manitoba with an estimated retail value of over $2.5 million.
  • Bothwell Cheese delivers on average, once per month to Harvest Manitoba.
  • Bothwell Cheese is given to families in need via Harvest Manitoba– at no cost – through food banks (113 in Winnipeg, 67 in rural).
  • Nearly 43% of Harvest Manitoba’s monthly clients are children.
  • One unit of cheese is given per family with children, and one unit per pregnant/nursing moms.
  • There is never any leftover Bothwell Cheese at Harvest Manitoba!

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