Nita Sharda

Nita Sharda is a Registered Dietitian, an absolute foodie and owner of Carrots and Cake Balanced Nutrition Consulting. Her interest in food was sparked at a young age. Nita would often spend time in the kitchen admiring her mother’s touch with Indian cuisine. In particular, she has fond memories of her mom preparing paneer, a common soft cheese used in Indian dishes.

Nita believes that some people have lost sight of what it means to truly eat mindfully and informatively; she supports a balanced approach to nutrition (with room to play) and encourages clients to take joy in preparing simple and tasty meals.

Nita on Cheese:
I’m not a self-proclaimed vegetarian; however I find myself gravitating more towards meatless protein options. Consuming cheese daily helps me to ensure I’m meeting my protein recommendation and fits in great with my lifestyle. Plus, there are so many varieties; it’s hard to get bored! My favorite way to have cheese is melted between hearty whole grain bread–grilled cheese, it’s always nostalgic!