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Every June the New Bothwell Chamber of Commerce and Recreation Association partner with Bothwell Cheese and Banville & Jones Wine Co. to present the New Bothwell Cheese & Wine Festival. This sampling event features traditional and innovative Bothwell Cheese varieties expertly paired with wines from around the world, hand-picked by the team at Banville & Jones Wine Co.

The following are the featured pairings from the June 6, 2015 event.





Cheese: Extra Old Cheddar
Wine: Redwood Creek – Pinot Grigio (California, USA)

Cheese: Horseradish Cheddar
Wine: Callegaro Francesca – Fior d’Arancio Colli Euganei (Italy)

Cheese:Red Wine Extra Old Cheddar
Wine: Finca La Amalia – 2013 Dos Fincas Malbec (Argentina)

Cheese: Black Truffle
Wine: Backhouse – 2013 Pinot Noir (California, USA)

Cheese: Maple Smoked Extra Old Cheddar
Wine: Heron Ridge – 2010 The Flight Cabernet/Shiraz (South Africa)

Cheese: Marble Cheddar
Wine: Bosman Wines – 2014 De Bos 47 Varietal Rose (South Africa)

Cheese: Gouda
Wine: Botter – 2013 OGGI Doppio Passo Primitivo Salento (Italy)

Cheese: Mild Cheddar
Wine: Lorgeril – 2013 L’Orangerie Rose (France)

Cheese: Monterey Jack
Wine: Falernia – 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (Chili)

Cheese: Red Hot Chili Pepper Jack
Wine: Tawse – 2013 Riesling (Canada)








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