Perfect Pierogies–Ten Ways

Posted by: Bothwell Cheese Team

Our friends at Perfect Pierogies compiled a yummy list of ten genius ways to top your pierogies. The flavour combinations are bold but balanced!

Sauerkraut Pierogy

  • Covered with apple sauce
  • With fried mushroom, onion and turkey sausage

Cottage Cheese Pierogy

  • With sour cream and hot sauce
  • Wrapped in bacon and topped with Dijon mustard

Potato & Cheddar Pierogy

  • With sour cream, carmelized onions and bacon (Classic!)
  • Covered in marinara pizza sauce, mushrooms and pepperoni

Spinach & Feta Pierogy

Spicy Chili Pierogy

  • With sour cream and chunky salsa
  • With chili flakes and hot chili sauce

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