5 Lactose-Free Holiday Appetizers

Recipe Creator: Best of this Life - Emily Smith

These holiday bites made by Best of this Life are simple, delicious and made with each of our 5 lactose-free cheeses! Guests will love the different varieties and flavours.


Mozzarella Caprese Bites

Bacon & Aged Cheddar Pastries

Ham & Cheddar Cucumber Canapés

Apricot Jalapeño Monterey Jack Melts

Cheddar, Prosciutto & Pear Hors d’Oeuvre


🍅 Mozzarella Caprese Bites: Top whole grain crackers with mozzarella, Roma tomato, balsamic vinegar, and basil.

🥓 Bacon & Aged Cheddar Pastries: Brush pastries with melted lactose-free butter, fill with cheddar and bacon and bake for 25 minutes at 375F. Top with green onions

🥒 Ham & Cheddar Cucumber Canapés: On a small skewer layer cherry tomato, cheddar, ham, and cucumber.

🌶 Apricot Jalapeño Monterey Jack Melts: Top a sea salt water cracker with Monterey Jack and apricot jam. Place in the oven at 350F until the cheese melts (about 5 minutes). Top with green onions.

🍐 Cheddar, Prosciutto & Pear Hors d’Oeuvre: Spread a thin layer of lactose-free butter, top with a sprig of rosemary. Wrap a piece of prosciutto around a thick slice of aged cheddar and place on the bread. Bake at 350F for 10-15 minutes. Top with fresh pear and honey.