Chef John’s Mezze Board

Recipe Creator: Chef John

This traditional Mezze board created by Chef John features a selection of delicious Mediterranean inspired small bites, including grilled veggies, bread, fresh fruit, nuts and three flavourful Bothwell cheeses.



  1. Grab a plate or board
  2. Place olives, basil pesto, marinated Mozzarella, pistachios and Calabrian chili peppers in oil into small bowls. Spread bowls across on the board or plate
  3. Cut Bothwell Black Truffle Monterey Jack cheese into cubes and place on board or plate
  4. Cut Sunny Dog Barkin' Herb and Garlic Cheddar into slices and place on board or plate
  5. Fill empty spaces with remaining ingredients including grilled veggies, figs, fruit, bread and tomatoes