Croque Monsieur, 3 Ways

Recipe Creator: Chef D

These 3 variations of Croque Monsieur take hot sandwiches to the next level! Each is paired with a cheese from our 450g Sliced Variety Pack. Black Forest Ham with Mozzarella is classic, mild in flavour and a favourite among kids. Prosciutto with Cheddar is a great option for those wanting to try something a little different. Lastly, Braised Beef with Red Hot Chili Pepper is full of flavour with a touch of heat.


Black Forest Ham with Mozzarella 

Prosciutto with Cheddar 

Braised Beef with Red Hot Chili Pepper


  1. Layer cheese slices followed by meat then cheese again on your favourite bread.
  2. With soft salted butter spread on the outside of the bread. Grill on a med-high fry pan until golden and flip the sandwich and cook on the other side.
  3. Remove grilled sandwich from pan and add another slice of cheese to the top of the bread.  Grill under the broiler or on your BBQ until the cheese is melted.

Chef’s tip: The key to this sandwich is build it with the flavours you love.  There are no wrong choices here.