Cuban Sandwich

Recipe Creator: Chef John

You'll love this hearty and flavourful Cuban sandwich layered with 2 kinds of pork and three different cheeses. Try it for lunch or dinner!



  1. Pre heat grill to 400˚F
  2. Inside the grill, heat a pizza stone and a foil wrapped brick. Yes a brick. Its going to cook the top of the sandwich and compress all of the sandwich goodness
  3. For the sandwich build, place grainy mustard on the bottom of the bun followed by bread and butter pickles. I like to slice the pickles thin to cover the bottom of the bun
  4. Layer the meat and cheese starting with 2 slices of Old Cheddar cheese followed by 4 slices of ham. Place the pulled pork on the ham followed by the final two slices of cheese and mustard on the top
  5. Wrap the sandwich in foil and place sandwich on the pizza stone. Place the hot brick on top of the sandwich with oven mitts
  6. Close the lid and cook for 7 to 8 minutes
  7. To check if the sandwich is ready use a kitchen thermometer. The cheese will be melted at 140˚F when ready. The top and bottom of the sandwich will be crusty and crunchy and cheese nicely melted
  8. Cut and serve with your favorite accompaniments