Smoked Gouda Brûlée

Recipe Creator: Chef Rob Thomas

Savoury and slightly sweet, these are a great addition to brunch or a fantastic way to end a meal. Plus you get to use a kitchen torch, so they are slightly dangerous to make - time to live life on the edge! Side note: you can totally use the broiler, but that's not as fun.


  • 2/3 cup heavy cream
  • 4 eggs
  • pinch nutmeg
  • 1/2 cup Smoked Gouda, finely grated
  • 2 tbsp caster sugar


  1. In a stainless steel or glass bowl whisk together the cream, eggs, sugar, nutmeg and cheese.
  2. Pour cream mixture into the top pan of a double boiler, or place bowl over a small saucepan filled with enough water to simmer without touching the bowl.
  3. Stir continuously for 10-15 minutes until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Do not let it overheat or the eggs will curdle.
  4. Divide the mixture evenly among ramekins. Refrigerate overnight.
  5. Before serving, sprinkle with sugar and place under a broiler for 2 minutes or use a kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar.