SqueaK’rs Cheducation

The mysterious SQUEAK’RS cheese curd. Uniquely shaped, with a squeaky sound, and many other curious characteristics. Who knew one little piece of cheese could be so interesting? So come on, it’s time to get some “cheducation”!

1. What’s the difference between white and orange SqueaK’rs?

The only difference is that a natural coloring called Annatto is added to the coloured curds. Annatto seeds come from achiote trees found in Mexico and South America. It has similar properties to beta carotene, a pigment that is found in vegetables like carrots.

2. Why do coloured curds taste different than white curds?

Annatto does have a slightly nutty taste. Although there is only a very small amount of this natural coloring used in our coloured curds, some people can taste the difference.

3. What makes SqueaK’rs squeak?

Usually you will get the best squeak from fresh curds. Fresh curds have a strong layer of proteins that are held together by calcium on the exterior that create a type of barrier. When you bite in, the “squeak” comes from the protein barrier resisting the pressure of your teeth. If you notice that your curds aren’t squeaking this is due to moisture loss. Try leaving them out of the fridge for about 10 minutes, or putting them in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

4. Do SqueaK’rs melt?

Believe it or not, cheese curds do not melt unless they are brought to a very high temperature. This is due to their low acidity. They have a very high melting point and in many traditional dishes like Poutine that is specifically why they are used.

5. Are SqueaK’rs Kosher?

They are Orthodox Union Certified, as most of our products are.

6. How can I use SqueaK’rs?

Bothwell SqueaK’rs are more than just a snack and have many different culinary applications. Click here for inspiration, or here for more ways to use this versatile product. Don’t forget about these Bothwell recipes for Poutine and Deep Fried SqueaK’rs.

7. How can I store SqueaK’rs after I have opened the bag?

Once your bag of SqueaK’rs is open, you can use a plastic clip to seal the bag, put the whole bag in a ziplock bag or plastic container, or wrap them in a reusable food wrap.

8. Can I buy fresh SqueaK’rs?

Fresh SqueaK’rs are only available in Manitoba. SqueaK’rs curds are made weekly and they can be purchased fresh at the Cheese Shop in New Bothwell. The curd schedule can fluctuate, so if you are making a special trip call the store (204-388-0088)  beforehand to check availability. Fresh curds go fast! Fromagerie Bothwell in Winnipeg also receives fresh SqueaKr’s weekly.

9. Where can I buy SqueaK’rs?

Bothwell Cheese SqueaK’rs are available at many stores across Canada such as:

  • Costco (western Canada)
  • Sobeys/Safeway (western Canada)
  • Save-On-Foods
  • Federated Coop and Calgary Coop
  • Real Canadian Superstore (western Canada)