The Best Spicy Dill Pickle Cheese Recipes

We’ve rounded up the best recipes made with Bothwell’s NEW Spicy Dill Pickle cheese. This natural Monterey Jack blended with spicy red jalapeños and tangy dill is a unique blend that packs a flavourful punch in every bite. The popularity of pickle-infused foods continues to grow. In fact, Yelp predicts pickle-flavoured foods to be on one of the top trends this year after searches climbed 55 percent this past year¹.

Spicy Dill Pickle Monterey Jack is the newest addition to the Sunny Dog brand. It all started with Herbs & Garlic Cheddar back in 2021. Crafted with attitude, both are made with 100% Canadian milk and fresh ingredients that make them burst with flavour.

Try our Spicy Dill Pickle cheese in an appetizer, baked goods, on a charcuterie board or a burger for a zesty twist with a spicy kick. Check out these must-try recipes below:

Spicy Dill Pickle Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Crispy deep-fried chicken and Spicy Dill Pickle cheese are the ultimate combo. This recipe takes your favourite fast food chicken sandwich to the next level.

Crispy Cheese-Filled Pickles

Pickle lovers rejoice! This recipe combines dill pickles loaded with Spicy Dill Pickle cheese wrapped in wonton wrappers that are then deep-fried. Crispy and dill-cious, this is a funky appetizer everyone will love.

Stuffed Spicy Dill Pickle Chicken

Change up your go-to chicken dinner with this stuffed version made by Chef D (@chefdtv). Moist chicken breasts stuffed with Spicy Dill Pickle cheese, dill pickles, and fresh dill make this chicken ooze with creaminess and tangy, fresh flavours. It’s a comforting dinner that’s ready in less than 30 minutes.

Sweet Honey & Spicy Dill Pepperoni Pizza

This is a super simple and delicious meal for any night of the week. Made with our Spicy Dill Pickle cheese, pepperoni slices, chili peppers, and chili flake-infused honey, this mouth-watering sweet and savoury pizza is a real crowd-pleaser.

Spicy Dill Pickle Cheese Crisps with Garlic Aioli

This might just be the quickest and easiest Spicy Dill Pickle cheese recipe. Pile grated cheese onto a baking sheet, top with a pickle slice and voilà. Serve with a simple garlic aioli and enjoy. They make a great snack or appetizer for any occasion. Bonus: they’re keto-friendly!

Spicy Dill Pickle Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

Loaded with big, bold, and delicious flavours, this masterpiece created by Zimmy’s Nook combines crispy chicken topped with our Spicy Dill Pickle cheese, warm tomato sauce, and chopped basil on garlic butter buns.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites with Spicy Dill Pickle Dip

These spicy jalapeño chicken bites wrapped in crispy bacon slices make for an easy appetizer with only 10 minutes of cook time. Serve with a fresh and creamy dip made with our Spicy Dill Pickle cheese and enjoy.

Jalapeño and Dill Dip

If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing dip for your next get together then this hot cheese dip made with our Spicy Dill Pickle cheese is it! It’s easy, delicious, and only takes 25 minutes to make. Serve with fresh veggies and pita bread.

Fried Chicken & Spicy Dill Pickle Waffles

Spicy Dill Pickle cheese stuffed waffles and crispy chicken come together in this hearty homemade brunch combo. This is comfort food at its finest! Drizzle with maple syrup for a touch of sweetness that balances the spiciness from the cheese and hot peppers.

Spicy Dill Pickle Hummus

Homemade hummus is so easy, delicious, and makes a great appetizer or snack for any occasion. The addition of Spicy Dill Pickle cheese gives it a fresh burst of flavour from the tangy dill and spicy jalapeños.

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¹Pure Wow – We’ve Reached Peak Pickle: How Did We Get Here – And Can We Recover?