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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. We will be submitting a quality report with your comments to our production team. Feedback from customers such as yourself is valuable and helps us maintain our high standard of quality. We will be in contact with you once our quality review is complete.

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  • Annie Bairos says:

    Why do you have a 1-800 customer service number when they tell you they cannot help you for quality issues and advise you to contact them through the online form. Very upsetting and redundant.

  • Donnalyn says:

    I meant to send that email and pictures a week ago, but just realized they didn’t send. I was away from home at the time, so I guess there was no wifi at the time.
    D. Preun

  • Brendan says:

    Your cheese has been typically superb. Please do not allow its quality to slip now!

  • Shelley Robson says:

    I already submitted this earlier, why do I have to do this TWICE!,

  • Marshall and Nina Everaert says:

    I originally sent a complaint to you via your website a week ago but have hot yet heard back,
    Would you rather I contact Costco directly regarding this problem?

    When looking at the comments below it looks like other people are also complaining that the cheese is too crumbly.

  • Richard Hirtle says:

    please keep making your great old cheddar cheese and shipping it to nova scotia it is the best cheese i have ever tasted. thanks

  • Kristina Hacault says:

    Received bad customer experience today. Came in with some cheese that went bad before best before date was told because the product was open she couldn’t do anything.

  • Donna Mansfield says:

    I submitted a concern about the amount of crumbs in the packages of Squeakers. I would appreciate receiving a reply to the message on the form.
    Thank you.

  • Evan Vandenberg says:


    I bought a small block of old cheddar cheese at Safeway for 7 bucks to get home and inside the package its soaking wet and when I cut it literally breaks into tons of tiny pieces not sure what happened usually your cheese is awesome I live in ile des chenes and really don’t want to drive all the way back to the city to complain I have photos if you need seems like safeway froze it then it thawed ?

  • Nicole says:

    Bought at Superstore your 240g..had chouette your brand or the one by suoerstore..becsise of Squeakers name bought your brand. We were very disapponted by your product….didn’t squeak at all…we buy cheese curds because of tjat spécial sound and yes..taste.

  • Dennis says:

    I have worked at an Ontariio cheese factory and have eaten curd right out of the vat so I know good Yours never was great but good yes . The last few or more bags the pieces are very small and a bit dry.Not big enough to squesk if they wanted to, You used to be better what happend ?

  • Ashley says:

    hi, we bought your cheese today at zehres and there was blue mold all over the back… going to return to zehres

  • Deanna says:

    Hello! We love your old cheddar and purchase it often at Costco. We were surprised and disappointed when we purchased it last from Costco (Lot# 20221027) and found it to be abnormally crumbly. You can’t cut it with a knife or even grate it – it just crumbles into small curd like clumps.
    It seems to taste ok, but it does seem like something was definitely off in the process of making it.
    Since we’ve never encountered this issue before, and we’ve purchased this product many times, we will buy it again the next time we go to Costco; however if we get another package like that I’m afraid that will be it. The texture is not acceptable and it’s unusable unless you’re melting it, and that’s a very large package of cheese just for melting.