Lactose-Free Fall Charcuterie Board

Recipe Creator: Bothwell Cheese

This Fall Charcuterie Board topped with a variety of colourful and delicious charcuterie board favourites is easy to make and perfect for entertaining this season. It features 2 Mantioban brands - Bothwell Cheese & BeeMaid Honey - that shine together on a board. Try mixing and matching BeeMaid's Amber and Premium Clover Honey with any of our Lactose-Free varities for a flavourful sweet and salty combo.



  1. Cut cheeses, and slice/cut fruits.
  2. Fill little bowls and ramekins with honey and other preserves and/or mustard.
  3. Arrange cheeses and ramekins on a serving board separated from each other.
  4. Fill gaps with crackers, meats, nuts, fruits etc. Enjoy!