The newest innovation from Bothwell Cheese are Sharp Cheddar Snack’rs. They are made from the finest, award-winning cheese. This cheese is amazing on it’s own, but even better with some complimentary pairings. Cheddar is a very versatile cheese, so generally you can let your pallet guide you. If you’re unsure, here are a few suggestions that you can add to your holiday spread.


Nuts and cheese pair well not only because of taste, but also texture. The crunch of nuts creates excitement in contrast to the smooth creamy feel of cheese. The sweetness of pecans is ideal against the saltiness of an aged cheddar. Meanwhile, the earthiness of walnuts compliments the sharp profile of Bothwell Snack’rs.


One combination that you simply must try is gingerbread crisps and Bothwell Snack’rs. This pairing is popular in Sweden using their traditional “Christmas Cheese”. The combination of sweet and savory is obviously appealing, but the spicy taste of ginger against sharp cheddar is addicting.

Host Tip: Offer this pairing to your guests as they enter your home. Simply place ginger snaps on a tray and top with Bothwell Snack’rs about 15 minutes before they arrive. This will allow the cheese to reach it’s ideal room temperature, and the moisture from the cheese will soften the cookie.


Don’t worry – we didn’t forget the wine. If you’re looking for something that will stand up to the bold taste of Bothwell Snack’rs, a full-bodied, fruit-forward Cabernet Sauvignon might be your match. Our local wine expert recommends Sandhill Cabernet Merlot. Alternatively, a complementary Chardonnay like Quail’s Gate will allow your palate to transition easily between sips and snacks. Another festive option is an apple cider like this one from Shrugging Doctor.

Remember, cheese pairings can be as unique as the person tasting them. Our number one tip is to experiment and have fun. Now we’re curious – what are your favourite cheese pairings?





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  • Joanne says:

    I noticed you sell sharp cheddar cubes. I am looking for blocks of sharp cheddar cheese. Do you sell them?